We are proud to present our new collection: PUNTO CUORE

For Aristotele and the ancients the heart was the true seat of memory.

Ricordo derives from the Latin verb recordāri, re-back and cŏr cŏrdis-cuore, literally “to call back into the heart”.
Even today the expression “by heart” is translated “par coeur” in French and “by heart” in English.

To recall in the heart is not only to have memory, but it is to relive the memories with transport, to savor the emotions, to ensure that past experiences have a significant impact on one’s essence.

To fulfill such an important and special task, we have decided to revisit a great classic of jewelry, studying it and preserving its strengths.

This is how PUNTO CUORE was born, a fresh and at the same time classic collection, simple yet refined.

PUNTO CUORE is the reinterpretation of an evergreen with all the passion that has distinguished Bonomi Diamanti for years.