Chemical formula: C (carbon)
Refractive index: 2,4,1
Specific weighy: 3,53
Hardness: 10
Ignition Temperature: fuel in air at 850°C
Fluorescence: thick long- UV, blue (the most common), yellow, pink.


Bonomi Diamonds has within it a modern laboratory for the analysis of gemological diamond, where highly experienced gemologists classify the stones in the celebrated 4C.


The carat is the unit of measurement that indicates the weight of a diamond.
1 carat is equivalent to 0.20 grams and can be divided into 100 points ; a diamond of 0.75 carat may also be referred to as a diamond of 75 points or ¾ carat.
The carat alone does not determine the value of a stone ; our experts achieve a blend of carat weight, purity, color and cut to suit customer needs.


The clarity is determined by inclusions present in the diamonds and visible at a magnification of 10 times. In nature there are very few diamonds totally devoid of inclusions and their rarity is reflected in the price.
Bonomi Diamonds guarantees a purity level that would bring out the best beauty and brilliance of its stones.


The colors of the diamonds are classified according to a scale from completely colorless (D) is gradually coloring itself in an increasingly marked yellow tinge (Z+).
In our laboratory, experienced gemologists carefully classify the diamonds, while our designers maximize the color of the stones with well-crafted frames.


As the cut is the only aspect influenced by man, Bonomi Diamonds uses cutters masters who, under strict mathematical calculations, and proporzionano cut diamonds in a perfect way to achieve the ideal balance between brilliance, fire and sparkle.