We are a direct importer of diamonds from the world’s major stock exchanges.

Our team of professionals is able to create jewelry with unique design, to offer our customers innovative products and in line with the trends of the

Every jewel created is kept to a high quality standard , achieved thanks to the production method of the company that relies exclusively on proven skills craftsmen, ensuring first of all the certified true Made in Italy.

Our strength lies in the ability to meet customer needs by offering constantly new lines and jewelry exclusive , all thanks to a continuous search for ideas and models, with particular attention to market trends.



1. Our team of professional designers has as its primary objective the realization of collections from the exclusive design.
It therefore our customers a constant proposal of innovative and original models, not found anywhere else on the market, always in line with current trends.

2. Thanks to a constant and exclusive collaboration with a proven ability goldsmiths we take care of the jewel in its implementation phase , ensuring the customer an excellent fit often overlooked but essential for a good product), a firm and absolute tightness of the recessed stones and a guarantee of duration jewel same time.

3. All Bonomi Diamanti jewels are made within our manufacturing facility, where we stick to high and rigorous quality standards achieved thanks to our methodology that relies exclusively to the Made in Italy, and the first condition absolutely indispensable to offer to the customer.

4. There is a deep over at the heart of our relationships with artisans, vendors and customers. We can thus boast of having built a solid reputation for fairness and honesty, with the respect of the agreements taken and payments due. This not only gives moral satisfaction, which develops into a great willingness of suppliers to meet the needs of our customers.
The same happens in the relationship with customers, solidly built over time; we do not just provide a good product but also ensure an efficient after-sales service and exclusive warranties.

5. All the jewels and Bonomi diamonds are accompanied by a certificate that guarantees the authenticity and quality of our stones, in line with the 4C criteria.
Also, thanks to our modern gemological laboratory, we are able to release an exclusive gemological testing that ensures the quality of the diamond and a circulation and the reselling worldwide.



The Kimberley Process is a certification system established in 2003 following a series of reports which highlighted the link between the diamond trade and the financing of conflicts in the mining countries.

The Bonomi Diamanti only come from countries participating in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, and are selected and treated according to our core values: transparency, social responsibility and respect.

To guarantee fruit stones and jewels of responsible mining activity we believe that traceability is essential; we therefore rely on direct and in-depth knowledge of our suppliers and of solemn declarations from them released.