the diamond that tells about you

Scintillae is our line dedicated to the proposal of loose diamonds. Scintillae does not only represent the setting aside of an asset that will be valued over time; it is above all the ideal gift to celebrate the special anniversaries of loved ones.

In Scintillae, nothing is left to chance.

The elegant box containing the diamond makes it a prestigious and refined gift.

The gem is sealed in a blister that guarantees its protection over the years.

Bonomi Diamanti’s guarantee is accompanied by a careful gemological check that guarantees its authenticity and characteristics.

the jewel that tells about you

Scintillae is an opportunity to transform a loose diamond into a jewel shaped on one’s personality.

Our Scintillae dealers offer their experience to advise you in the best possible way, providing you with a rich choice of prestigious models in which to set the diamond and thus create the desired jewel.

The realization is carried out in our goldsmith workshops, carefully followed by a staff specialized in every single step.

The guarantee of the jewel is Bonomi Diamanti, synonymous with excellence, craftsmanship and durability over time.


Each diamond is unique, with an absolutely unrepeatable combination of weight, purity, color and cut. discover 4C

The gemological analysis identifies and classifies these characteristics with precision, which will remain unchanged over time.

Having a written gemological analysis of your diamond allows you to have an updated evaluation of the gem, without having to remove it from the jewel or carry out further appraisals.
This is why it is important that the analysis is complete, compiled according to international standards by qualified and expert gemologists, supported by the use of the most modern gemological tools.
The Scintillae gemological verification meets all these criteria, the data reported are complete and exhaustive, easy to interpret explanatory tables allow the final customer to correctly read and understand the qualitative aspects of the diamond listed on the verification.